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Orthopedics and Traumatology

The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology is one of the important surgical branches of Medical Science. Motion System functions; It deals with the surgical and conservative treatment of Movement System Diseases and injuries. In addition, it also plays important roles in the prevention of diseases and injuries, that is, in the field of preventive medicine. Orthopedics is divided into different branches. It is divided into departments such as orthopedics, pediatric orthopedics, arthroplasty, hand surgery, spine surgery, arthroscopic surgery, foot and ankle surgery and oncological orthopedics.

Traumatology is derived from the French word traumatologie, which means "the science of concussion" in Turkish. Traumatology is used in its broadest sense today and is used together with the branch of orthopedics and is called the department of orthopedics and traumatology.

Traumatology is a field of medicine that deals with the treatment of traumatic lesions such as burns, injuries, contusions, fractures and dislocations. It aims to enable damaged and injured movement system elements (bones and joints) to perform their former functions, to relieve the pain of the injured person and to save his life.

Frequently asked Questions

Why does calcification occur?
Calcification is a cartilage disease. Cartilage first softens, then begins to crack, and after a while it thins and disappears, then bone tissue appears.
How many years do dentures last?
The lifespan of dentures is approximately 20 years. With the developing technology these days, we can say that ceramic prostheses last longer than 20 years.
What are the advantages of arthroscopy?

It is aesthetic as there is no large skin incision. Discharge occurs early. It is a great advantage especially for athletes. Because the incisions are small in size, the risk of infection is extremely low.

How is scoliosis diagnosed?

It may not be noticed at all in the early period. For this reason, the diagnosis is usually made incidentally. Generally, the first symptom is factors such as poor posture, one shoulder being higher than the other, prominent shoulder blade protrusion on one side, and clothes not fitting the body properly. One of the simplest ways to diagnose scoliosis is forward bending examination.

What causes tiptoe walking in childhood?

Walking on tiptoe can be considered normal until the age of 4, as long as it is not permanent. After the age of 4, tiptoe walking may cause a shortening of the Achilles tendon due to habit, or it may be an indicator of other diseases.

At what age can posture disorders be detected in children?

Posture disorders can be detected as soon as the child stands up and starts walking, and the height increase is also evident. It often becomes more evident at the age of 11-12 in girls and at the age of 13-14 in boys. In addition, since the condition called idiopathic scoliosis in adolescence, which is the most common cause of curvature in the spine and is more common in girls, also occurs at this age, spine screening examinations are also performed during these periods.

What are the risks of hallux valgus surgery?

As with any surgery Hallux Valgus There are also risks in surgery. Infection at the surgery site, non-union of the cut bone, and recurrence of the deformity are the main complications.

What is flat feet?

Flatfoot, It is an orthopedic problem that occurs as a result of the flattening of the arch of the foot, which forms the arch of the sole of the foot. flat feet It is not just a congenital condition.