Practice Patient Registration Program

Practice Patient Registration Program

Practice Patient Registration Program

Time management is a very important element for clinics and healthcare institutions. The health sector has also been directly affected by the innovations brought by the digital world. Practice patient registration programAt this point, it was developed for the use of medical secretaries and doctors. Online Hippocrates, the CRM system approved by the Ministry of Health, aims to make your functioning within the clinic more practical.

It was specially designed according to the needs of different specialties such as orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiovascular health. The appointment planning and subsequent medical practices of the person applying to your clinic are recorded. You can view blood work, measurements and patient reports in a single panel. At the same time, thanks to e-Pulse integration, it has become possible to transfer medical data systematically.

Plan Your Appointments with the Practice Patient Registration Program!

Practice patient registration programis software used to keep track of patients, schedule their appointments, record their medical history, track treatment plans, and manage billing. These programs make practices more efficient and help them better manage patient care.

A patient follow-up program can provide many advantages for physicians, healthcare professionals and medical secretaries. Here are some:

Patient Registration Program

Easy Access: It helps doctors easily access their patients' medical histories from any point with internet access. This allows doctors to quickly see important information about their patients, such as previous medical conditions, medications, and test results.

Productivity: It helps healthcare professionals and doctors increase their productivity. Compared to paper-based records, these programs can record and view patients' medical histories more quickly and easily. This allows doctors to better manage their time and provide better service to more patients.

Currentness: The practice information management system helps doctors keep their patients' medical histories up to date. Doctors can record and update patients' latest test results and medical conditions. This ensures that important information that can be used in the patient's treatment is always available.

Data Analysis: You can also follow the financial status of the healthcare institution. You can easily access your financial history with new generation graphics and viewing methods. In this way, your monthly payments can be planned in a practical way. Practice patient registration program Online Hippocrates makes it easier for doctors to manage their clinics.

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