About Nişantaşı Orthopedics Center

Nişantaşı Orthopedic Center was founded in 2005. The organization, which has expanded its field of activity with the participation of doctors with 30 years of experience in their field of work, has the experience to perform all kinds of interventions, especially in knee and hip prosthesis surgery, and carries out its practices by closely following orthopedic developments in the world.

Special cement or cementless dentures Applications made using ceramic, ceramic-metal, metal and developed and strengthened polyethylene surfaces, which have been used extensively in recent years, have increased the lifespan of prostheses to over 25 years. With newly developed techniques, the recovery time has been reduced to 3-4 weeks.

All kinds of surgical and conservative treatments are performed for sports injuries in accordance with today's technology. Ligament injuries, meniscus tears, shoulder and ankle traumas are treated by specialist physicians. With advanced techniques, much better results are obtained with post-surgical pain control and patient rehabilitation.

Nowadays, surgical interventions are performed more effectively and healthily with epidural and spinal anesthesia.